Why Medical Malpractice Cases Might Arise If Stage 4 Prostate Cancer Is Due To Delay From Watchful Waiting Advice – Cancer Info Blog

There are tests that enable the detection of some types of cancers, for instance prostate cancer, prior to the time the patient shows symptoms. The concept is to diagnose the cancer early – before it has a chance to spread while treatment can be used to eliminate the cancer instead of waiting until the cancer progresses and spreads and is no longer curable. The first is a physical examination of the prostate gland for any abnormalities that could be the result of prostate cancer. The other test is the PSA blood test which calculates the level of prostate specific antigen in the bloodstream. A PSA above 4. ng/ml is normally thought to be high. As prostate cancer increases the PSA level when prostate cancer advances doctors generally recommend a biopsy if the PSA test registers abnormally high.

Elevated PSA test results can, however, be brought on by factors other than cancer, like inflammation of the prostate or infection. This type of high PSA readings are classified as “false positives.” A biopsy has known potential complications, such as the risk of infection and the risk of significant bleeding. Given these 2 issues a number of doctors advocate that men follow a strategy of “watchful waiting.” With this strategy the doctor monitors the man’s elevated PSA over a period of months or even years. They may additionally suggest starting treatments like medication for infection to check whether the treatment lowers the PSA back to normal levels.

One of the issues with this strategy is that a doctor might just wait too long before advocating a biopsy. As the PSA rises the likelihood increases that the rising levels are caused by prostate cancer, and so does the possibility that the cancer has spread beyond the capsule. For men whose cancer is discovered while it is still only inside the gland, the probability is better than 90% that they will continue to be alive 5 years after diagnosis. The percentage is less for the most aggressive types of prostate cancer. This measure is referred to as the 5-year survival rate.

Treatment options for advanced prostate cancer may include hormone therapy, radiation therapy, orchiectomy (the surgical removal of the testicles), and possibly chemotherapy. Treatment will usually lead to a major decrease in the PSA levels for awhile. Eventually, though, treatment ceases to be effective as the cancer continues to progress. This is typically associated with a new rise in the PSA level. Once the treatment no longer works, the cancer again starts spreading and eventually kills the man. As of when this article was written roughly 90,000 men per year are expected to die in the U.S. from stage 4 prostate cancer.

What percentage of these 90,000 deaths will be due to a doctor advising the manhis patient to follow the “watchful waiting” method and then waiting too long to finally diagnose the cancer? Perhaps we might never know how many of these deaths could have been prevented had the doctor instead advised the patient get a biopsy.

However, if you or a member of your family were among those whose doctor delayed the diagnosis of prostate cancer until it was at an advanced stage, you should consult with an experienced medical malpractice attorney right away. The doctor may be liable under a medical malpractice claim.

Mr. Hernandez is an attorney accepting cancer malpractice cases. For a free attorney consultation regarding prostate cancer and other cancer matters including metastatic breast cancer visit the websites

Film of Bob Monkhouse talking and joking about his prostate cancer just before he died

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The E Cigarette: The Smarter Choice – Cancer Info Blog

Are you a smoker currently looking for alternatives to cigarette smoking because of the health risks involved? Fortunately for you, there’s an electronic or e cigarette available these days. Just what is this nifty device and why more and more smokers are using it? Continue reading to find out more about it and the many benefits you can enjoy from switching to it.

Of course there are alternatives to smoking to get your regular dose of nicotine. Some examples are nicotine patches, pills and gums. However, they don’t provide the same physical experience you get from using an actual cigarette. Using an electronic counterpart provides you the same oral and tactile simulation. But without the many health problems that may arise from smoking.

Tobacco smoke contains thousands of several different chemicals in it. It’s said that 50 of these are known to be carcinogens, or substances that can cause cancers. It’s not just lung cancer you can get from tobacco smoke. You may also develop other forms of it, such as oral, esophageal, laryngeal, pancreatic, cervical, and many others. You may also suffer from emphysema, impotence, miscarriage, stroke and other heart diseases.

Using this alternative is legal because it doesn’t contain tobacco. That’s why you can take it out and use it in places where smoking is prohibited. You can have your nicotine dose inside malls, bars, restaurants, airplanes, offices and others. Now you don’t have to search for smoking areas, thanks to the absence of all those harmful substances. Also, no stench is produced that can stay behind in such places.

Right now, you may be amazed by it and wondering how it actually works. The nifty device has parts such as the vaporizer, mouthpiece, nicotine cartridge and battery. To activate it, you simply have to inhale through the mouthpiece. The vaporizer turns the liquid nicotine inside the cartridge into vapor. The vapor is then delivered to the mouthpiece. Of course there’s no foul odor or harmful substances that emanates from the device, unlike in smoking tobacco.

There are different flavors and nicotine strengths to choose from. A cartridge containing liquid nicotine is roughly 20 cigarette sticks. The cartridge may dry up after some time of not using it; therefore, replacement may be needed. The battery can last as long as 3 days, but it also depends on how frequently you activate the device.

Fortunately for you, you can steer clear of the nasty effects smoking brings. But without the need to completely ditch the habit! Using an e cigarette right away lets you have some of the wonderful benefits. Save yourself and others too from being exposed to tobacco smoke. This alternative can also prove to be a much cheaper choice in the long run.

Get the exclusive inside scoop on the many benefits of using an e cigarette now in our complete Green Smoke overview.

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Health Benefits of Rebounding Trampoline – Cancer Info Blog

Bouncing on a mini-trampoline may not be your idea of a strenuous aerobic exercise and it may not strike you as having significant health benefits, but, in fact, both are the case. Rebounding, as this form of safe, gentle, no-impact exercise is commonly called, burns more calories than jogging.Trampoline bouncing also can strengthen your heart, improve your circulation, stimulate the flow in your lymphatic system, help slow the effects of aging, revitalize vision, reduce stress, and benefit children with learning disabilities and cystic fibrosis.Rebounding may be used in conjunction with niacin use to help detoxify fatty tissues.
All May Benefit From Rebounding Exercise:-According to the Healthy Cell News, other rebounding benefits include decreasing headaches (both frequency and strength), reducing back and joint pains, alleviating arthritic symptoms, such as pain and inflammation, and boosting energy levels. Because the exercise provided by rebounding is sufficiently gentle, both the elderly and the pregnant can safely participate; in addition, it is suitable for those who are physically handicapped and those recovering from an accident or injury or who are otherwise hampered by a physical problem.Stagnant or inadequate lymph flow is associated with the onset of many symptoms and illnesses, including bursitis in the shoulders, bunions, joint stiffness or soft tissue spasms, dry flaking skin, bad breath, body odors, lethargy, depression, and cancer.Acting like spongy filter bags, lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system, which is the body’s master drain.Rebounding specifically stimulates the flow of lymph fluid. The change in gravitational forces experienced during rebounding trampoline allows for greater blood flow, which in turn increases the amount of waste products flushed from cells.
Rebounding Trampoline Has Anti-Aging Benefits:-One of the primary causes of the physical deterioration associated with aging is the declining performance of the heart and circulatory system. The pumping force of the heart decreases by 8% per decade in adulthood; lung capacity decreases, muscles lose strength, reaction time slows, and bones lose their mineral content. Exercise can help halt or at least slow this aging process.The decreases in mental abilities and reaction time that often come with aging are caused only partially by the lessening of heart function.A conditioned person may have a resting heart rate 20 beats per minute slower than a deconditioned person.
Rebounding Trampoline Good For Blood And Lungs:-Aerobic exercises such as rebounding increase red blood cell count, allowing faster oxygen transport through the body, and can help lower elevated blood pressure.The capacity of the lungs also increases, enabling them to process more air and replenish oxygen in the cells of the body’s tissues and organs more quickly.Rebounding Trampoline Is For People Of All Ages:-Men who were physically active were at a lower risk of death from all causes than were sedentary ones, but this relationship was not as pronounced for women. Risk of death specifically from cancer dropped sharply as fitness levels increased for men; with women, while the same trend was present, the differences were less pronounced.

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Wtc memorial event festival of life

of our proud sponsors


DFO is an annual, anti-substance abuse, anti-violence event that has become
the largest event of its kind in the Northeast. The event has a number of
functions that teach and reinforce making positive choices, resisting negative
temptations, and building a healthy community. Although its target audience
is youth, its message (and the activities that teach that message) attract
people of all ages, cultures, ethnicity, races and economic status.


DFO originated in 1987 as an effort to bring communities throughout the Northeast
together in a concerted effort to send a new message to our young men and
women, too many of whom were losing their lives to gang violence that sprung
from the drug trade. Although the event started as an anti-substance abuse
program, it has evolved into an annual event that helps emerging adults to
define and achieve positive life goals.


DFO has been featured on Channel 8(WTNH), Channel 3(WFSB), and Channel 30
(WVIT) Television stations. It has had countless of articles written about
the unique effect it has had on its targeted communities. These articles have
appeared in The New York Times and The Boston Globe, as well as many local
newspapers. In addition, DFO has received numerous Proclamations and community

DFO also was credited with starting up The Brownbaggers, a luncheon in New
Haven, Connecticut, where local gang members meet with social services staff
to coordinate resources to make the community more effective. DFO originated
this program as part of its drive to help New Haven slow its spiraling murder
rate among youth. In 1993, New Haven had the third-highest murder rate per
capita in America. The United States Justice Department credited DFO with
helping to reduce that murder rate by 75%.


In 1987, DFO started as a one-day, grassroots event that featured two speakers,
twelve basketball teams, and few local businesses that donated prizes and
souvenirs. Its avowed goal was to focus community attention to the local drug

It has now evolved into a six-day event that draws over 80 teams, competing
in a variety of events, with over 100 sponsors, watched by more than 10,000


DFO started as a basketball tournament. In the game of basketball, a player
is allowed five fouls (in amateur play; six fouls in professional games) before
he has “fouled out” and must leave the game.

In life, some of our youth “inherit” fouls through broken families,
drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, and the apparent chance to make a fast dollar
in illicit activities.

DFO derived its name from fact that, in real life, the last foul can be death.
DFO’s slogan is appropriate to both the event and to life. Each of our children
can overcome obstacles to achieve their goals.

Level 5 certified workcomp advisors


Building unbreakable clinic links.

You’ll receive a Clinic Implementation Manual, Clinic Performance Agreement, and Clinic Checklist for Compliance. It’s expected the Clinic will embrace the Institute’s process of hiring practices, injury management, injured employees being returned to work the day of injury, and wellness management.

After 12 months, you’ll be able to recommend your appointed Clinic to become a Certified WorkComp Clinic. The Institute’s Medical Director will be available to chat with you and your appointed clinic. You’ll be able to separate your agency even more by referring to the Institute Medical Director when you market

The Institute, you, and the certified clinic will create co-marketing plans and building on the image as the WorkComp experts in your marketing area.

To drive down reserves and manage and monitor claims, you select a nurse in your area to work with the Institute’s nurse liaison.

The Institute will provide BOJC implementation, continuous training (special BOJC forum) and quarterly teleclasses with your key client’s BOJC’s. The focus will be on working with the Clinic and managing the employee’s injury.

Account Managers are invited to earn their certification through an on-line and tele-workshop 8 week certification course

When you encounter those “tricky situations” on a large client or prospect and need to pick the brain of a risk management consultant, just pick up the phone. If you receive RFP’s (Request For Proposal) you and the Risk Management Consultant may work together. You work out the financial arrangements between the two of you.

Maximize your value. What does your commission cover? What should you fee? What is standard service compared to fee service? You perform at least 40 tasks for your clients. Each task has a dollar value. Do you know and communicate that value? You’ll receive performance contracts to execute with clients based on how Risk Managers see and understand agency services.

The Institute believes WorkComp claims start the day of hire. Your clients will receive a turn-key personnel and training system including employee handbooks, over 100 proven management forms, checklists and guidelines, Shrewd Hire – Smart Fire (TM), backed by monthly hand-holding tele-workshops and newsletters on the intricacies of managing people. Understanding, communication, and fun on the job lead to building powerful employee relationships through supervisor and employee training.

The Culture Coach(TM) builds powerful relationships that mitigate fraudulent and exaggerated on-the-job injuries. When a true employee injury occurs the employee is motivated to return to work immediately. Goal: Zero incidents and productivity at the highest level. Comp cost control starts with hiring the right people for the job.

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Ucid party


Hargeysa (Jam)- Guddoomiyaha Xisbiga Mucaaradka
ah ee UCID, Md. Faysal Cali-Waraabe oo toddobaadkii hore dalka ku soo laabtay,
kadib markii uu socdaal dheer ku soo maray dalal kala duwan oo Yurub iyo
Afrikada Bari ku kala yaal ayaa waraysi khaas ah oo uu shalay Wargeyska
Jamhuuriya, waxa uu kaga warramay dhawr amuurood oo ku saabsan isbeddelada
siyaasadeed, dhaqaale iyo hannaanka dimoqraadiyadda iyo doorashada Baarlamanka
ee foodda innagu soo haysa iyo weliba siyaasadaha ku xeeran Geeska Afrika
ee saamaynta ku leh Somaliland.

Waraysigaas oo aad u dheeraa su’aalihii
lagu weydiiyey Faysal Cali-Waraabe iyo jawaabihii uu ka bixiyey waxa ay
u dhaceen sidan:

Su’aal: Faysal dalka muddo ayaad
ka maqnayd isbeddelo badan ayaana dhacay, markaa bal xaaladda dalka Maxaad
ka odhan lahayd?

Jawaab: Kollay Xasanow (Tifaftiraha Jamhuuriya),
marna innaga (Somaliland) innooma fiicna in aynu yooyootano oo aynu kala
jabno, waayo, waxa aynu maraynaa wakhti xaasaasi ah oo aynu doonayno in
aynu Xadkeena tagno, iyada oo ay Laascaanood joogaan Maleeshiyo Majeerteeniya
ahi, waa wakhti aynu doonayno in innaga iyo Koonfurta Soomaaliya aynu kala
dhammaysano, markaa waxaas oo dhan waxa lagaga bixi karaa midnimo iyo isu
dul-qaad, iyo wada tashi, lana ogaado in dalkan lagu xorreeyay midnimo,
midnimana lagu wadi karo, markaa waa nasiib darro in yooyootan hoose dhaco.

S: Xisbiyadiina Mucaaridka iyo Xukuumaddu
markii hore waxaad ku wada hadasheen in la dhammaystiro Dimuqraadiyadda
Somaliland oo la qabto doorashaddii Baarlamaanka, waxaad moodaa in Mucaaridku
muddooyinkan dambe ka webinayaan in aanay dawladdu dhinaceeda horumarin
sidii lagu gaadhi lahaa hannaankaa, adigu sidee baad aragti ahaan u aragtaa?

J: Horta waxa weeye, dawladda waxa waajib
ku ah in ay dhammayso shuruucdii ay doorashada Baarlamaanku ku hirgeli lahayd,
annaguna (Mucaaridka) waxa nagu waajib ah in aanu gacan ka geysano sidii
ay u dhici lahayd doorasho xor iyo xalaal ah oo aan muran gelin, markaa
annagu UCID ahaan xaggayaga waanu ka dedaalnay waxaanan ku rajo weynahay
in dawladaha Iskandeniifiyanku naga caawiyaan diiwaangelinta dadka codaynaya,
dhawaana waxa iman doona dalka dad khubaro ah oo Sahan ku samayn doona tobanka
Magaalo ee dalka ugu waaweyn si loogu sameeyo dadka diiwaangelin, dawladda
iyo Baarlamaanka waxaad moodaa in ay is leeyihiin wakhti badan ayaad haysataan,
laakiin waxa weeye wixii dhiman in la dhammaystiro.

S: Faysal waxa jirta in aan weli la dhammaystirin
shuruucdii doorashada, dad badan ayaana leh sannad iyo badh-toona laguma
dhammayn karo, markaa adigu sidee ayaad u aragtaa wakhtiga dhammaystirka
shuruucdaasi qaadan karo?

J: Dadkaasi waa dadkii odhan jiray markii
hore doorasho ma dhici karto ee shir-Beeleedka doonayay, laakiin waxa inoo
hadhsani waa wax yar, tusaale sidii loo qaybin lahaa 82-ka Kursi ee Baarlamaanka,
waxaana nidhi ha la dulqaato, hana lagu fadhiisiyo habkii 1960-kii, ninkii
badana hadhow ayuu soo bixi doonaa, markaa waxa weeye in la qaybiyo, Maxamed
Siyaad Barre xuduudaha Degmooyinka, wuxuu ka lahaa Siyaasad, dad ayaanu
caddaadinayay dadna sad-bursi ayuu siinayay, waxaanay ahayd waxyaalaha uu
dagaalku ka dhacay, taa marka la tixraaco, markii dalka la xorreeyay SNM
qaraarkeedu wuxuu ahaa in lagu socdo xuduudihii lixdankii, taas ayaana lagu
kala bixi karaa, waa wax sahlan taasi, ta innoogu darani, waxa weeye, arrinka
Laascaanood in la soo afjaro, waayo, dalka waa in ay doorasho ka wada dhacdaa.

Waxanina waa wax jilicsan waayo, adduunku
diyaar ayuu u yahay in Somaliland Arrimaha Dimuqraadiyaddeeda ka dhiman
dhammaysato oo ay Cagaheeda isku taagto, oo uu u soo baxo Baarlamaan adag
oo aan Qabiil ku salaysanayn, balse ku salaysan aaraarta Xisbiyada, ninkii
is yidhaahda ka baydh oo xirfad iyo cimri dherer kordhisana waa nin Haadaan
u qodaya Somaliland kamana yeelayno, waxaanuna u sheegaynaa haddii doorashada
Baarlamaanka ay deg-deg u qaban waayaan, markaa doorashadii hore ee Madaxweynuhuna
ansax ma aha. Haddii dawladdu Distoorka Ixtiraami waydo annaguna ixtiraami
mayno, markaa waynu qasan doonaa, isaguna (Riyaale) Madaxweyne noqon maayo,
markaa taas ayaanu uga digaynaa in cimri dherer laga dhigto wax aan sharci

S: Faysal, arrintaa Sool ee aad Carabka
ku dhufatay, si dhakhso ah laguma xalin karo, markaa sideed adigu u aragtaa
in arrinteeda lagu xalin karo, doorashana uga dhici karto?

J: Horta Sool ha odhan! Ee Laascaanood
dheh, waayo, Ciidamadeenu waxa ay fadhiyaan Yagoori ilaa Guumays, meeshu
horta waa lix Degmo, lixdii Degmona Laascaanood, ayuun baa innaga maqan,
taasna waxaan filayaa in shacbiga Walaalaha aynu nahay ee Dhulbahante ay
garanayaan in ay u dan tahay, way garanayaan in aan Xadka la beddeli Karin
oo aanu Cabdillaahi Yuusuf lahayn awood uu ku sameeyo Xad, oo aanu adduunku
lahayn. Ujeedadiisu waxa weeye, in dalkan Somaliland uu burburiyo, waxaan
filayaa xaggeena ayay wax ka xun yihiin, waayo, haddii aynu midaysanahay
Walaaladeena reer Laascaanood xaggeena ayaynu ku soo dabaali lahayn oo waa
aynu is afgaran lahayn, taana waxaan jecelahay in ay dhici doonto.


S: Faysal, haddii dhaliilaha wax laga taabto
oo la sheego lacago badan oo aan Miisaaniyaddii ku jirin ma waxaad odhan
kartaa waa la khaldan yahay?

J: Horta Miisaaniyaddu waa (ku tallo-gal)
oo weli sannadkii lama gaadhin ee hadhow, ayaa la xisaabtamayaa oo la odhanayaa
Maxaa soo hoyday, maxaase baxay, laakiin xaq baa loo leeyahay in wixii dhaliil
ah ee jira la sheego, laakiin in Public laga caytamo oo dadkii la yidhaahdo
lacag ayaa la cunay ma aha. Waa in aynu ka gudubnaa wax baa la cunay iyo
wax baa la lunsaday.

S: Jabhadda ONLF, waa ay bilaabeen in ay
gubaan Baabuur ay leeyihiin dad shacbi ah oo reer Somaliland ah. Arrintaa
adigu maxaad ka odhan lahayd?

J: Horta arrintaasi waa nasiib darro, waxaana
arrintaa kiciyay Waraysigii uu BBC-da siiyay Guddoomiyaha ONLF, Maxamed
Cumar Cismaan, oo ahaa Taliyihii Ciidamada Badda ee dawladdii Afweyne, ee
uu lahaa Baabuurta hala gubo, laakiin, nasiib-darro dawladdeenu uma ay jawaabin,
waxay ahayd in loo jawaabo oo shacbiga reer Baadiyaha ah ee uu leeyahay
dadkiinii ayaa Hargeysa lagu laayay, in la yidhaahdo dad la laayay ma jirto,
dadkuna waa dad Walaalo ah, laakiin, maadaama ay dawladdeenu hadli wayday
waa nasiib-darro.

Waxaan u sheegaynaa dadkaas in aanu nahay
dad Wallaalo ah, oo aanay maqal dad Qaxooti ah oo London iyaga iyo Qoysaskoodiiba
joogaan. Dawladda Itoobiya iyo Mutacalimiinta Ogaadeenka ee Addis Ababa
jooga. Mutacalimiintaas Beesha Ogaadeenka aad ayay uga xun yihiin falalkaas,
dawladdeenana waxaan ku boorinayaa in dadka Xidh-Xidhan ee ONLF-ta loo aanaynayo,
in wixii dembi leh Maxkamad la saaro oo dhulkeena lagu xukumo, wixii aan
dembi gelina la sii daayo.

S: Xeerkan la yidhaahdo Xukunka deg-degga
ah oo Golaha Wakiiladu mar hore laalay, dhawaan waxa lagu qaaday dhallinyaro,
adigu sideed Xeerkaa u aragtaa?

J: Xeerkaasi mid meesha qabta ma aha, maadaama
aynu Distoor leenahay, wax deg-deg la yidhaahdaa ma jiro. Dawladdaha Keli
taliska ah ayaa isticmaala, waanuna ka soo horjeednaa Xeerkaas, qofka rabshad
sameeya adiga oo aan xukun deg-deg ah ku qaadin ayaad habkii sharciga ahaa
u mari kartaa, laakiin ma aha in sharci Keligii Taliye uu samaystay dadka
lagu cabudhiyo oo aynu dadkeena u isticmaalno, waxaanan ku talinayaa in
Xeerkaa la laalo, dadka ku xidhana la soo daayo, maanta uma baahnin is-cabudhin,
waayo, Maxamed Siyaad Barre, ayaa adeegsaday waxaanay keentay burbur, markaa
annagu waanu ka soo horjeednaa.

S: Faysal, waxa aad ahayd nin lagu tilmaamo
xag-jir mawqifkiisu fogyahay marka laga hadlayo qaddiyadda Somaliland oo
aad ku talin jirtay in aan Koonfurta Soomaaliya sinnaba xidhiidh loola yeelan
karin, dhawaana waxa aad sheegtay in ay habboon tahay in Soomaalida wax
la gashado, oo arrimahooda ayaad ka hadashaa, markaa dadku waxay leeyihiin,
maxaa iska beddelay Faysal, bal markaa adigu tafaasiil yar ka bixi arrintaa?

J: Horta anigu Somaliland iyo Soomaaliya
in ay sidaa ku kala joogaan ayaan ku adkahay oo aan wakhtigayga oo dhanna
siiyay, sidaas ayaanay noqonaysaa, kolka aan leeyahay aanu kala tagno, ma
aha Soomaaliya ayaan necebahay, laakiin, waxaan u jeedaa isma wadi karno
ee waxa weeye in aynu noqono laba dawladdood ee Walaalo ah. Markaa anigu
kama tegin qadiyadda Somaliland, laakiin, waxaan u shaqaynayaa qadiyadda
iyo Madaxbannaanida Somaliland. Waxaanu ka shaqaynaynaa in ay Soomaaliya
u dhisanto dawlad wanaagsan oo caddaalad ku xukunta, innagana jaar wanaagsan
inoo noqota, haddii aynaan sidaa u shaqayn cadowgeenu inta uu qabto ayuu
inoo samayn dawlad cadaw ah, markaa anigu ilaa dhiigayga inta u dambaysa,
waxaan taaganahay Somaliland waa muqadas, haddii Somaliland iyo Soomaaliya
heshiiyaana anigu Siyaasaddaba waan ka baxayaa.

S: Kenya waxa ka socda Shir Soomaaliyeed
oo lagu heshiisiinayo Kooxaha Soomaalida, maxaad saadaalin kartaa in ay
halkaas ka soo bixi doonaan, saamayn intee le’eg ayuuse Somaliland
ku yeelan doonaa?

J: Horta, Shirkaa in dawlad laga soo saaro
ajanabigu wuu jecel yahay, waxase su’aali ay tahay ma hirgelaysaa?
Insha Allah waxaan jecelahay in ay u hirgasho oo ay ka soo baxdo dawlad
fiican oo dhibaatada ka saarta, annaguna waanu u soo sheegnay oo waxaanu
nidhi haddii ay ka soo baxdo dawlad dadkeedu ku qanacsanyihiin oo 80% xukunta,
waanu wada hadlaynaa annaga oo laba dawladood oo Wallaalo ah. Weliba Wadamada
IGAD, waxaanu ku heshiinay goob-joog u ahaada wada hadalkayga, Sweden-na
sidaas ayaanu ku nidhi. Waxaanu u sheegaynaa haddii halkaa laga soo saaro
dawlad ay leeyihiin Soomaali oo dhan ayay xukuntaa waxaanu ka xignaa dagaal,
meesha ugu horraysa ee aanu qabsanaynaa waa Majeerteeniya. Waanu u sheegnay
dawladda Kenya arrintaa.

S: Bal hadda muddadii Sannadka ahayd ee
Xukuumadda Madaxweyne Rayaale jirtay Siyaasadda dibaddu horumar intee le’eg
ayay gaadhay, maxayse dhaliil leedahay?

J: Horta Siyaasadda Khaarajigu aad ayay
u fiican tahay, Safarkii Madaxweynuhu aad iyo aad ayuu u fiicnaa. Maraykanku
mowqif fiican ayuu inoo taagan yahay, weliba wax weyn ayaa la qaban kari
lahaa haddii Istiraatijiyad cadi jirto, laakiin Istiraatijiyadda khaarajigu
aad ayay u fiican tahay, Wasaaraddo kale oo aan dhaliilayaa way jiraan,
laakiin waxaan jecelahay in aan si gaar ah ugu tago oo aan ula kulmo. Laakiin,
xagga khaarajiga iyo xagga Difaaca aad ayaynu uga fiicanahay oo maanta haddii
Koonfur caqli xumo qaado oo ay is qaad-qaadaan, waxaynu haysanaa Ciidan
qabsan kara ilaa Majeerteeniya oo dhulkooda difaaci kara.

S: Faysal, dhowr jeer waxaad Madaxweyne
Rayaale ugu baaqday in uu xilka ka qaado Wasiirka Daakhiliga oo aad sheegtay
in uu shaqadiisii ku fashilmay, imika Miyaad ka tanaasushay mowqifkaagii?

J: Horta anigu waxaan taaganahay in dawladdan
oo dhan la beddelo oo dawlad fiican la dhiso, weligayna waan taagnaa. Dawladdani
innama wadi karayso oo waynu aragnaa, markaa waxaan ka yaabay in ay Doontu
innala degto oo aynu quusano, laakiin, Insha Allah degi mayso. Horta Ismaaciil
(Wasiirka Daakhiliga) anigu shakhsi uma necbi, waxaanse ku dhaliilayaa waa
shaqadiisa. Anigu haddii aan ku fashilmi lahaa Wasaarad aan hayo waan is
casili lahaa, waayo, dunida way ka dhacdaa, markaa dadka qaar baa u qaata
shakhsiyan ah in aan Ismaaciil u necebahay, laakiin uma necbi. Haddaba,
anigu waxaan taaganahay waa in dawladdan la beddelaa oo dawlad adag la dhisaa
oo kooban oo abtirsiimo leh.

S: Faysal, KULMIYE hore waad u dhaliili
jirtay maalintaad dalka ku soo laabatayna (khamiistii) aad ayay kuu soo
dhoweeyeen, markaa dadku waxay leeyihiin arrinka Faysal waa Beerka jecli,
Xaydha jecli oo ah KULMIYE jecli UDUB jecli. Adigu sidaa ma isu aragtaa?

J: Waxa weeye horta in Saddexda Xisbi is
ixtiraamaan oo ay wada shaqeeyaan, oo marka Madaxweynuhu imanayo laga hortago,
marka Guddoomiye Xisbi imanayo laga hortago, waana ilbaxnimo in aanu labada
Xisbi isku wadnaana waa xaq, laakiin annagu waxaanu diidaynaa waa Mucaarid
laf jebis ah. KULMIYE waxaan kula kaftamaa, waxaynu ku kala duwanahay annagu
(UCID) haddii aanu aragno dawladda oo Maradu ka dhacdo, waxaanu nidhaahnaa
Marada isa saar, idinkuna (KULMIYE) waxaad tidhaahdaan hayaay Maradii baa
ka dhacday oo waad ku qaylinaysaan, laakiin labada Xisbi waanu isku wadaynaa.

S: Waxaad sheegtay in loo baahan yahay
dawlad xooggan oo Qaran in la dhiso, Xukuumadduna dhawr jeer oo hore oo
ay ka jawaabtay waxay tidhi wakhtigiina suga, annagaa lana doortee, maxaad
taa ka odhan?

J: Taasi waa ta keentay Burburka, horta
dhibaatadu waxay innaga haysataa waa Distoorka oo qaydhin ah. Markaa waxaan
leeyahay dawlad Minority ah, meel ma tegi karto, wakhtigan xaadirka ah.
Maanta waxaad moodaa sidii dawladda loo dhaliilay in jiritaankeediiba khatar
ku jiro oo la odhan karo waa bilaa sharci. Haddii aanu dawladdii shacbigu
taageersanayn dee sharci ma laha. Waa la mijo xaabiyay dawladdii gebigeediiba.

Maanta haddii aad cod qaadaan oo aad tidhaahdaan
shacbiga intee dawladda taageersan, ma filayo in ay 10% taageersananaan
doonaan, taasina dawlad ma aha. Waa in la helaa dawlad xooggan oo kooban
oo dacaayadda ninka xumi ka faafiyaa aanay hirgelin una muuqan mid sax ah
ee loo arko mid khaldan. Dawladdii iyada oo aan kicin ayaa shacbigii lagu
diray, markii la arkay tiradii Wasiiraddii faraha badnaa. Xitaa dawladda
faraha badan lama kaantarooli karo oo maalinba mid baa hadlaya. Ismaqli
waaga iyo is-dhegeysi waaguna dalka burbur ayuu ku keenaa.

What happens if i take a ultram xr and cut in half then take it im prescribed 100 mg a day?

what happens if i take a ultram xr and cut in half then take it im prescribed 100 mg a day?

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Treating chronic pain with tramadol pain killer


Treating chronic pain with Tramadol pain killer

Posted by
admin 18 January, 2009

Tramadol is an efficient analgesic medication because it is a synthetic opioid pain killer. Although it is not associated with the nonsterroidal anti-inflammatory medication class, it can be intermingled with acetaminophen, and is not considered a narcotic medicine. According to recent studies, Tramadol borrows its effects from the above mentioned classes of drugs, while continuing to maintain its own negative side effects or reactions.

For those who suffer from intense pain, whether moderate or severe, Tramadol is currently the best option. Tramadol is an ideal treatment for pain if you have been diagnosed with low back pain, osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia. Tramadol is a better treatment option than narcotics because a patient is less likely to become dependent. Moreover, it is designated due to its powerful painkilling qualities and the reduced side effects. Physicians prescribe this medication to treat the severe pain resulting from cancer treatments, scoliosis, migraines, and spinal problems (including spondylitis). Even as we speak, other illnesses are being considered.

Tramadol’s side effects are a complicated mix of symptoms but they are considerably milder than those created by other narcotics. The medicine is addictive, except when taken as directed by a physician, and in the appropriate doses. The workings of Tramadol have been studied, and the research has shown that Tramadol functions by altering the pain encoded messages, lowering the effect they have on the body. It works in conjunction with noradrenalin and serotonin; two vital neurotransmitters that help block pain.

The various effects of Tramadol and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications have been long scrutinized by scientists. It has been discovered that Tramadol operates by manipulating the force of the pain on the body and utilizing neurotransmitters while NSAID medicine needs the support of additional hormones which are evenly vital. Investigation has verified that NSAID caused a greater threat of grave or harmful effects because they caused the creation of prostaglandins; this is a chemical that has an influential effect on the mechanics that cause pain. Tramadol causes side effects associated with opioids, which affect the nervous system.

The most important thing someone can do while taking Tramadol is to follow all of the precautions. As this medication is intended for treatment over a long period of time, it his crucial that the patient not stop treatment suddenly, without the consent or guidance of a physician. Severe withdrawal symptoms, some of which can be deadly, can be experienced as Tramadol has a potential for addiction. It is important to understand that when Tramadol is taken over a long period of time for the treatment of chronic pain, the body tends to adapt to the substance, and modifications to the prescription may need to be made. It is imperative that you seek the assistance of a medical professional for any side effects, overdose, withdrawal, or allergic reactions that may occur.

When medication is taken in quantities that are more than normal, the word overdose is used. What exactly is Tramadol’s limit? It depends on various factors, such as your condition, age, medical history, and tolerance for pain. It is generally considered that the maximum daily dose is 600 mg orally, and 400 mg intravenously. Keep in mind that the medication can affect different people in different ways.

A few of the harmful effects found in patients cured with Tramadol are like those from excess dosage, but they are far more decreased. Individuals may become dizzy with a linked orthostatic hypotension, defenselessness and become disoriented. Nausea, vomiting, somnolence and serious headaches accompany these symptoms. Patients have been testified to turn anxious, troubled and awfully restless; being afraid of the signs they were having and not identifying accurately where they originated.

If symptoms appear, especially if they are severe, medical aid must be sought immediately. These are normally allergy symptoms and could possibly lead to death. There are specific types of people who have a low tolerance to the substances in Tramadol, who are taken to the emergency room with skin rashes, heart palpitations, seizures, and trouble breathing. If there is a chance that you are allergic, you must take the medication with great care.

If you feel a cold coming on or are experiencing a sore throat, Tramadol is not the kind of drug for this. Serious conditions such as chronic pain or individuals who have just had surgery are what it is suggested for. The doses are exact, as when taken as directed by a doctor, presents no problems. If you suffer from a condition which makes taking Tramadol necessary, be sure to do your research before making a final decision. Don’t take something just because you read that it works; talk it through with a doctor first.

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Tokyo – Sushi & Sumo

Tokyo – Fam Trip Report, February 2005

The first thing you notice upon landing at Narita Airport is
the sheer enormity of the urban sprawl that is home to the 10 million people that live in Tokyo.
The second is the extreme efficiency in which the Japanese surround their daily lives. It is a long
way from Narita to Tokyo and this explains the lack of private transfers, most people either take the train or
the airport limousine (actually a coach) into town. On arrival we bought our tickets in the arrivals hall and
then boarded a coach which turned up exactly on time 5 minutes later, our luggage was tagged with our destination
and we took in the strange mix of industrial areas and low rise residential homes that border the motorway.
One and a half hours later we arrived at our hotel and our luggage was waiting for us on the pavement and was then
scooped up by the hotel porters before we knew what was happening.

This sort of experience was replicated every time we used public
transport or needed anything to be on time, if the Swiss are known for their time keeping then Tokyo should
be in a league of its own. What is also very obvious is how clean everything, there are not many places you
go where you regularly see people washing the underground train walls! There is also a sense of practicality
about Japanese life, for example there is always a public convenience when you need one.

Tokyo itself was not quite what I was expecting – a huge cyber
city with a glimpse of the way we may be living in the future – it is more pockets of high rise building
and neon lights within what are more simple residential areas. There are very distinct districts and it
seems that the city landscape is changing all the time. It is not uncommon to be in a park looking one way
onto lakes and trees while behind you is a vista of huge sky scrapers and new apartments.

Tokyo manages to pack a lot of different experiences into one city; traditional customs
and hospitality lie alongside designer shops and the latest gadgets which makes it a fascinating destination for any traveller. A great
way to get into the pace of the country is to go and watch a Sumo match or training session. This is Japans number one sport along with
baseball. There are only about 800 professional Sumo wrestlers in the whole of Japan and most of them live in Sumo Stables associated
with one of the 5 stadiums. You can take a small group along to watch as they practise in front of the watchful eye of their trainer.
The aim of the fight is to get your opponent to fall over or step foot outside the circular ring. There is no weight limit so you may
be fighting someone twice your size. Even if you are not interested in the sport it gives you a good idea of the hierarchy that also
exists with Japanese society. They all have extreme respect for both their trainer and the more senior wrestlers, no one speaks and
they only nod when they are given advice. Be warned though once you have entered the room you are expected to sit on the tatami floor
until the end of the session which is slightly crippling to people not used to it!

Another good trip is an early morning visit to the fish market. Tokyo has the largest fish market
in the world and it is quite an eye opener to go and see it in full swing. There is a lively auction and row upon row of tiny stalls selling
the widest range of seafood you will ever see. Due to the time (4am is the best time to go) there are very few tourists and you feel a part of
the daily life of the people who work there. There are also some fabulous sushi restaurants if you can stomach it so early!

Another thing I did not realise about Japan was the enormous range of cooking styles and each one has its own
dedicated restaurant so even if you had a group there for 5 days you could eat a different style of Japanese food each day! My favourite was the Tapanyaki
restaurant where ladies dressed in kimonos serve you thin slices of Kobe beef cooked in front of you in a soy sauce and sugar soup. All meals are usually accompanied
by several dishes and washed down with one of the great four beers and some green tea. Due to the ceremony of the meals and the great hospitality of the Japanese people
(nearly all restaurants have several private rooms) it is easy to find venues to take groups for dinner.

There are also some good private venue options including museums, and Happonen Gardens.
Here it is possible to visit the bonsai gardens, take part in a traditional tea ceremony or wear a traditional kimono. The later
is a great way to finish a trip to Tokyo and would work for small groups as it takes quite along time to get everyone dressed but
the experience is great and everyone looks very different. A tea ceremony is also an important part of the Japanese culture and most
people take part in 2-3 a year. The ceremony takes place in a small room with everyone sitting on the floor, the green tea is brewed
and served by ladies in kimonos and must follow a strict ritual. As you are served the tea you must turn the bowl twice, never have
the pattern facing you and rest the cup on the palm of your left hand, you must finish all your tea and then put the bowl on the floor.

When staying in Tokyo it is important to select a hotel near the district that you want to
see or have meetings in as it can take quite a long time to cross Tokyo in rush hour. There is a huge range of accommodation on offer
from the more traditional to the minimalist. One thing that is good value in Tokyo is hotel accommodation and you can stay in a good
five star for around £150 a night. There are of course mush more expensive properties like the Park Hyatt (where Lost in Translation
was filmed) but in my opinion a drink in the bar at sunset looking out towards Mount Fuji is a good enough taste of this hotel without
paying the high prices to stay there. I stayed at the Royal Park Hotel and the Palace Hotel both good products with everything that you
expect from a five star hotel and more. All hotels have enormous amounts of meeting space as the Japanese love to have banquets.
This makes placing a meeting in Tokyo easy as you have a great range of venues to chose from and can therefore ensure that you
get value for money.

I think Tokyo is an interesting an accessible city in which to hold an
event. The flight time is only 12 hours making a trip here is easier than say Bangkok or Hong Kong although
there is not quite the same atmosphere as the society is slightly more regimented. The service levels are outstanding
and you feel that they would bend over backwards to accommodate your every need. The strong cultural traditions make
it an easy destination to hold an incentive and this coupled with a day trip to Mount Fuji or Kyoto would provide a
balanced view of Japan. The government is actively involved in promoting Japan to overseas business visitors and therefore
willing to provide information and help groups to be placed there.