Our Electronic Health Record (EHR) / Patient Health Record (PHR) tool has successfully completed API’s with Excelleris chemistry and haematology results, diagnostic imaging as well as MSP and WCB billing services of British Columbia Canada.  This software uniquely connects the EHR and PHR allowing patients and their physicians to more easily share information and communicate for better health care results.  

The PHR allows patients to book appointments, message, review health care planning notes, laboratory and consultant reports, as well as anonymously blog post to other patients within their physician community to learn ways to access community services, promote and improve their health. The platform provides wonderful and easy opportunities to participate in patient primary care health outcome research. 

The EHR is friendly icon driven with a robust user controlled template data system, Dragon Medical 10 dictate capable, with decision support tool features for private and professional peer group practice pattern reviews, continuous practice improvement and research.

We are committed to continuing development for further meaningful use enhancements.   

We are SSL secure with redundant private web servers positioned in Canada. </span>

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