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One of the best ways to make money online is to join an Affiliate program. Most affiliate programs are free and require “No” investment. Many internet marketers easily earn a 7 figure income from affiliate. Promoting affiliates are easy if you have the right resources.It’s usually better if you have your own website before joining an affiliate program. In fact, some affiliate programs actually review your website before allowing you to join. If you don’t have a website, you can find out ” </a>here or keep reading this page for some suggestions of affiliate programs that you don’t need a website for. You can promote many affiliate programs without owning a website. Below are listed some of the best affiliate programs that I recommend, all of these are free to sign up for and most of the programs are global affiliate program so you can join whether you live in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe or elsewhere in the world.




 “- This company sells internet marketing training courses and software and can earn you up to $65 per sale, plus commissions on two levels. The company was originally founded by the late Corey Rudl, who was one of the most prominent Internet millionaires. The products are of high quality and sell very well. There is no need to have your own website to apply for this affiliate program.


 “ – Commission junction has one of the best affiliate programs online. They host the affiliate program of huge online businesses such as Ebay and Amazon. You will need your own website before you can apply to Commission Junction. You can get a website with 5 of the best affiliate programs online. “



 ” –  clickbank sells a wide range of electronic information products in all sorts of areas including internet marketing, home business, health, travel, romance and many more. The program is free to join, open to many countries throughout the world and offers commissions up to 50% and higher. There is no need to have your own website to join this program – you could use the strategy outlined in the ” to sell products directly from Google without a website.


 Google Adsense  Google adsens is a great way to generate relevant ads to your website. This is a quick way to generate income through your website. Every time someone clicks on your ads, you get paid for there click. 

You can Sign up for google adsense free Here!!blue-arrow-02_R 



 “ – With SFI you can sell a wide range of products including vitamins, magazines, digital products, cleaning products and more. You can also make commission on up to 12 levels by recruiting new members. SFI is widely considered one of the top affiliate programs on the Internet today and has paid out millions of dollars in commissions to tens of thousands of affiliates in over 190 countries.  

Affiliate Resources

Here are a few affiliate ebooks that will help you understand more about affiliate marketing. These are the best sources for affiliate marketing that you can find on the internet. Don’t let setting up a website be in your way of promoting affiliate programs. You can promote affiliates by using “. If you don’t have the time or the knowledge to set up your own website to make money from affiliate programs you may want to consider a ” – a website built for you within 24 hours advertising 5 of the best affiliate programs on the net!


“” – Rosalind is a a highly regarded Super Affiliate who earns $435,000+ online per year. In her book she tells her story of how she quit her government job two years after she started to play around with websites. Her 236 page book tells you everything you need to know to start making a regular income from affiliate programs

“- will show you how to earn boatloads of cash, immediately, by writing moneymaking ads promoting the products and services of others. Every time your ad results in a sale, you get paid. But it gets even better than that. For some offers, all that is required is that the user signs up (for information, a free ecourse, etc.). You get paid every time a user signs up. He doesn’t even have to buy anything! It’s win-win for everybody concerned.

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