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Health West recognizes the importance of providing high quality, cost effective health care. Health West creates customized provider networks for company sponsored health plans.  
Our top priorities are your member’s and your health plan.  We carefully select each physician, hospital or primary care clinic to improve access to the highest quality health care, promptly treat illness or injury, and ensure that health issues are managed appropriately.  Our networks are customized to meet the needs of the employer and their members in a specific geographical area.     

Health West also offers a customized, patient advocate program.  Our patient advocate is there help your member’s navigate the health care system, find alternatives to assist them in staying compliant with physician prescribed programs and manage their medical needs within the health plan’s budget.  By integrating our high performance network and the customized patient advocate program we create a specialized program for your employee’s health care and save your health plan dollars. 

A member-employer network is an effective way to increase the quality of the health care while at the same time reducing the expense for health care services. The return-on-investment results in  hard dollar savings that can be measured, and increase in the employee satisfaction and compliance with plan guidelines.   Our goal is to put health care decisions back where they belong – with the patient and their physician.  Our goal is to put health care decisions back where they belong – with the patient and their physician.   Contact us today for your a free no obligation evaluation. 

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