IMIS Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.



In 1904, a fledgling Pharmaceutical
concern, PCA & Co. was launched at Peridepi by the Ayurveda Mahopadhyaya
Sri PC Ayya Varappayya. He initiated Dr D Subrahmanyam into Ayurveda.

In 1929 the unit was shifted to Vijayawada, a larger town.

In 1947, his successor Dr D Subramanyam made an indelible mark in
Ayurveda. Renaming the firm as Indian Medicine House, Dr Subramanyam met
the aspirations of the society of that time, fired by the nationalistic
feeling that pervaded the nation.

Sri PC Ayya Varappayya Dr D Subramanyam

In 1971, during a process of expansion and diversification, the
manufacturing unit was relocated to ‘Nagalands’, Seetharampuram,
Vijayawada with a renewed title – INDIAN MEDICINE INDUSTRIES. This was
under the stewardship of Dr DL Narayana, BCom., DAM, Ex-member Central
Council, son and successor of Dr D Subrahmanyam. Dr D Indumathi, Dr
Narayana’s wife, added strength to the company by becoming an integral
part of the team.

In 1985, Dr DL Narayana, adopted corporate principles with a view to give
his company a professional touch. The business house was registered as




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