Personal Development with Apanaka

The Apanaka method to personal development is a unique and modern science-based exercise program, steeped in ancient eastern practice and tradition.

Integrating specific, yet simple life-style adjustments with living philosophy and daily breath-control sequences brings about powerful and positive changes in a short period of time.

As you begin to mentally and physically raise awareness of self through Apanaka practice, potent detoxification, weight loss and clarity of mind follow naturally, leading to higher consciousness and greater control over the daily affairs of modern life.

In only 30 days, you will realize the numerous and lasting benefits of the Apanaka state of mind, as you discover a new and empowering life path.

During the first class (90 mins) you will learn the core approach, theory, methodology and the rhythm of the practice. In the following six sessions (60 mins each) you will go deeper into the practice until you are able to continue on your own, realizing tangible benefits to your health and life outlook

Contact us now to book a 7 class package of Apanaka with Eduard and learn how this personal development course can really work in a practical way in your busy life!

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