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Shipping Policy

India is the country of origin for the drugs sold on our site – it is the place where our medicines are both produced and shipped. However, the lengthy
distance requires more time allotted for delivery. Shipments typically take between 10 to 17 days, although a delay of 5 additional days may occur under
certain circumstances.

If you have not received your delivery later than the expected date of arrival, please get in touch with us. We will do our best to rectify the situation
to your satisfaction. For more information about shipping, follow this link.

Order Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy states that any order can only be canceled within the first 24 hours of submission. If you change your mind and want to cancel your
order, simply make contact with our support group via phone or email immediately and inform them your desire to cancel. Take note that we will not process
cancellations of your order after 24 hours or more have passed.

We advise that you double check your data prior to order submission, as we need your valid address for shipping on the form. If you make any mistakes, it
could be impossible to deliver the products you’ve ordered. Let us know as soon as possible if you notice that the address included is incorrect (Contact us).

Policy for Refunds

Policy for Refunds – The medicines and drugs provided are the same as their brand-name equivalents. Our guarantee is that these drugs are chemically
identical and will provide the same results.

If you are ever dissatisfied with the side effects caused by our medications, please call our attention immediately. A return address label will be
provided. When your return is received, we will begin the refund process at once.

Always take the correct dose as stated on the package prior to giving us a call or sending us an email. Be aware that the consumption of alcohol or fatty
foods prior to taking the tab could slow down its effects.

If a product is not delivered within the expected delivery time (approximately between 10 to 17 days + an additional 5 days used for customs inspections),
feel free to get in touch with our customer support team so a refund can be initiated. Whatever payment has been charged into your credit card will be
reimbursed in full. The refund process takes between 5 to 7 regular business days where the credit will appear in your credit card’s statement.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: We acknowledge the privacy of the entire information you provide and make it a priority to maintain your privacy. That is the reason that
we do all the best we can in using it sensibly and with care. We assure you that other parties or companies will not have access to this information.

The checkout page in our website and all transactions completed therein are 100% guaranteed secure. All of the data you input is safeguarded with Secure
Sockets Layer (SSL), a 256-bit security software, for the encryption of your private information. Moreover, your data is protected as our billing
specialists are certified through reputable and independent firms.

Your credit card information is highly secure because we only keep the final four digits from your card number in our system, and not even the customer
service representatives of our site will be able to access your card information.

The terms and conditions are that this site’s contents are aimed only at people who can get to the site using Cyprus. When you use and buy products on this
network, the transaction is considered to have been processed in the Republic of Cyprus, and any disputes will be handled within Cypriot courts.

To use the site, you need to register, meaning you have to be at least 18 years of age, a Cyprus resident, and factual with all the information you give.
The integrity of your account is entirely your responsibility, and so it is your duty to protect your password from misuse by others.

Terms & Conditions

The website’s content has been prepared and managed by Centralux Limited. Centralux Limited renounces all kinds of warranties in association to the
contents of the site allowed by law. We may elect to alter these stated terms anytime without warning.

When you use this website, you agree that Centralux Limited as well as its directors or other related companies are not liable for claims or losses
directly or indirectly related to its use. However, this condition is suspended in the event of personal injury or death as a result of negligence on the
part of Centralux Limited, its employees or directors.

Website content should be used only for the purpose of providing information. You should not construe this information as sound medical advice. This
information is general and should be used in conjunction with the advice of your healthcare provider. Be sure to thoroughly read all the labels included or
the product packaging before using the product. If you have been diagnosed with or believe that you have issues on your health, you should contact your
physician. Please check with your health care provider prior to using any of the new products, especially if you’re currently receiving medical care.

Centralux Limited does not have any control over linked websites and bears no liability or responsibility of content found therein. Links to external sites
do not involve endorsement of the content of these sites and are provided for your interest only.

If the terms are deemed to be unenforceable or invalid, the validation and enforcement of the rest of the terms still hold true.

Consider our website an opportunity to treat. Centralux Ltd. reserves the right to accept or reject any order. Decisions to do so are at the company’s
discretion, and further explanation is not guaranteed. All orders are considered as proposal for purchase. To confirm this receipt on our site, we send out
an email notification. When the sale is made, an invoice is sent by Centralux Ltd after orders are thoroughly checked by a pharmacist and a contract is
considered to be created. You are required to provide an actual physical address for purposes of shipping. No P.O. box numbers will be processed.

All medicine shipped to the United States falls under the jurisdiction of the FDA and US Customs Agency, and this may create either delays or undelivered
orders. Centralux Ltd is unable to give a precise delivery time for your purchases, and in some cases wherein US customs officials confiscate an order,
Centralux Ltd cannot issue refunds for any orders not received in these instances. You enter into this agreement with the understanding that you will have
backup in place in case of delays in getting your Centralux Ltd order. Additionally, if your order is seized by US customs, all expenses are your

The statutory rights you enjoy as a consumer remain unaffected by these stated conditions and terms.

All orders made to this site are contingent on available supplies.

Make sure you follow the Acceptable Use Policy, which includes a list of all prohibited activities. It is an important part of the agreement you have
entered into with Centralux Ltd. You could have your account temporarily or permanently suspended if you participated with any banned activities specified
under the AUP document from Centralux Ltd.

Acceptable Use Policy

The Acceptable Use Policy of Centralux Ltd (also known as the “Policy”) for its services is devised for the protection of Centralux Ltd, Centralux Ltd’s
consumers, and in general, the Internet community from any forms of irresponsible or unlawful activities. The Acceptable Use Policy for Centralux Ltd
protects customers and the Internet community from reckless activities and those that are deemed illegal. This policy is not an exclusive list of all
actions that Centralux Ltd prohibits. The policy may be altered any time according to the rights afforded to and preserved by Centralux Ltd. `

Illegal distribution, transmission, or storage of any of Centralux Ltd’s Services and Systems or any violations of laws pertaining to their use is strictly
prohibited. Including, but not limited to intellectual property rights used in the absence of proper consent and any inappropriate content such as obscene
or defamatory material and material which comprises illegal threats or violation of export control laws.

In regards to the regulation of “Spam” or “UBE” (Unsolicited Bulk Email), the transfer of any unsolicited bulk email via the Centralux Ltd. sever is
strictly prohibited. You are barred from sending an Unsolicited Bulk Email from other service providers that references or advertises websites, email
addresses, or any other resource that can be found on the Centralux Ltd servers. Users may not make use of Centralux Ltd services or accounts for the
solicitation of customers, nor may they collect messages sent or replies from other Internet Service Providers in the event those messages infringe our
non-solicitation Policy or those from other providers.

Operating Mailing Lists Without Confirmation. Without documented permission from the owner’s email address, no addresses are to be used in any mailing
lists. Centralux Ltd users must use a closed-loop or confirmed opt-in type of mailing list. Subscription messages received by the customer as confirmation
of an order should be reserved on file as long as the mailing list is in existence. Referencing any account or obtaining email lists from third party
solicitors for distribution to any of Centralux Ltd’s hosted domains is strictly prohibited.

Here are some of the activities that are prohibited: facilitating methods of sending unsolicited bulk email (spam); starting the practice known as pinging,
flooding or mail-bombing; initiating denial of service attacks; promotion of any forms of program, software, service or product designed to be in violation
of the AUP of this site or of another Internet Service Provider.

Operation of an account for or connected with, or sale of services to, people or any firms listed under ROKSO or the Spamhaus Register of Known Spam
Operations database which can be found at www.spamhaus.org is also prohibited.

As a user, you are not authorized to seek out another user’s computer resource or account (e.g., “cracking”) and intending not to pay after receiving
service or attempting to receive service via any method.

Other illegal activity includes un-permitted access, change, vandalism, or of any effort thereof, of whichever information from Centralux Ltd consumers or
end-users via any devices or other means.

You may not engage knowingly with any activities for the purpose of harassing, nor may you engage in activities that will result into denial-of-service
with another user whether on Centralux Ltd’s network or that of another provider. An example includes synchronized number sequence attacks. You may not use
the Centralux Ltd Services for the purposes of interference with other authorized users or customers of Centralux Ltd’s network.

Responsibility of Customers: Every Centralux Ltd consumer must be responsible for its user’s activities. When a user accepts services from Centralux Ltd,
it is understood that the user agrees to make certain that its representatives, customers, and/or end-users follow this Policy. Centralux Ltd customer’s
postmaster will handle any negative reports on representatives, customers or end-users. Failure to follow these rules can result in termination of
services. Centralux Ltd preserves the right to halt the customers who violate these rules without notice as it considers necessary.

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