Team building in a garage

posted by Savanah on Jan 19

The garage had to be sloughed of its guts, and my friend chose me to do it. Her name is Geraldine. Her old job was for a big auto industry. She never learned how to change oil in her years there but it was not necessary for her. She worked doing leadership training for managers and directors. It did provide her with source information on the trucks that were the greatest buys. Geraldine loved to ride in trucks because it was what her father drove her in every time the two of them went for ice cream after her softball team won a game.

There were all kinds of books in her garage. Books about team building program , books about magic tricks, books about Mexican papercutting. She actually had a few paper lamps she had made from directions in the books still hanging in her garage. They were in colors of a sunset in Florida. She had CDs from NIN and Soundgarden and Nirvana . She had videotapes of Reservoir Dogs and Clueless and Goodfellas. It was her life throughout the 1990s coded and catalogue in a dusty garage. A lot of it she wanted to keep, but when I asked her why she had bothered to invite me over if that was the case, she started to dump out boxes of it into her truck, and eventually mine too when I proffered it to her.

There were a few things she could not bear to part from but she still did for some reason. A mood ring from prize machine in a down and out Domino’s Pizza, her favorite restaurant since college, in Florida: she got it right after she got off the phone with her brother who told her their mother had just died after a nine month battle with cancer. A junky copy of a PeeWee Herman photograph and signature: she got it when we went out to one his shows. The last thing she wanted to keep but placed in the dumpster was rusted Swiss Army knife. I didn’t know the story behind that one.

Anyway, I took them and keep them in my garage now. In case she changes her mind.

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