Level 5 certified workcomp advisors


Building unbreakable clinic links.

You’ll receive a Clinic Implementation Manual, Clinic Performance Agreement, and Clinic Checklist for Compliance. It’s expected the Clinic will embrace the Institute’s process of hiring practices, injury management, injured employees being returned to work the day of injury, and wellness management.

After 12 months, you’ll be able to recommend your appointed Clinic to become a Certified WorkComp Clinic. The Institute’s Medical Director will be available to chat with you and your appointed clinic. You’ll be able to separate your agency even more by referring to the Institute Medical Director when you market

The Institute, you, and the certified clinic will create co-marketing plans and building on the image as the WorkComp experts in your marketing area.

To drive down reserves and manage and monitor claims, you select a nurse in your area to work with the Institute’s nurse liaison.

The Institute will provide BOJC implementation, continuous training (special BOJC forum) and quarterly teleclasses with your key client’s BOJC’s. The focus will be on working with the Clinic and managing the employee’s injury.

Account Managers are invited to earn their certification through an on-line and tele-workshop 8 week certification course

When you encounter those “tricky situations” on a large client or prospect and need to pick the brain of a risk management consultant, just pick up the phone. If you receive RFP’s (Request For Proposal) you and the Risk Management Consultant may work together. You work out the financial arrangements between the two of you.

Maximize your value. What does your commission cover? What should you fee? What is standard service compared to fee service? You perform at least 40 tasks for your clients. Each task has a dollar value. Do you know and communicate that value? You’ll receive performance contracts to execute with clients based on how Risk Managers see and understand agency services.

The Institute believes WorkComp claims start the day of hire. Your clients will receive a turn-key personnel and training system including employee handbooks, over 100 proven management forms, checklists and guidelines, Shrewd Hire – Smart Fire (TM), backed by monthly hand-holding tele-workshops and newsletters on the intricacies of managing people. Understanding, communication, and fun on the job lead to building powerful employee relationships through supervisor and employee training.

The Culture Coach(TM) builds powerful relationships that mitigate fraudulent and exaggerated on-the-job injuries. When a true employee injury occurs the employee is motivated to return to work immediately. Goal: Zero incidents and productivity at the highest level. Comp cost control starts with hiring the right people for the job.

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