Herbal Remedies For Vaginal Infection And Less Lubrication

Vaginal dryness or less lubrication is unfortunately a very common part of transition into menopause in women. Reports state that about 40 to 60 percent of women experience this symptom at some point during the transition period to menopause. Reports further add that women are not informed or they are embarrassed to ask about this less lubrication issue. However, it is suggested that they should keep themselves informed about this normal symptom of menopause, so that they can look for a solution and can improve their physical and emotional health.

Not only women during their menopause period, some women also experience this issue due to vaginal infection. This is where they are recommended to rely on herbal remedies for vaginal infection and dryness to get a safe relief. Before actually getting into the details about the herbal remedy, it is better to understand the causes behind less lubrication:

Causes of vaginal dryness:

Generally, the walls of genital passage in women stay lubricated with a thin layer of clear fluid. This fluid level is maintained by estrogen and it will also help in keeping the lining of genital passage in a healthy fashion and will help in maintaining elasticity and thickness as well. During menopause, there will be a drop in the estrogen level, which in turn brings down the level of moisture, thereby making the genital passage less elastic and thinner. This condition is referred medically as vaginal atrophy. Here are the other reasons for a drop in estrogen level in women, thereby leading to lesser lubrication:

1. Breastfeeding and childbirth

2. Medications used for treating endometriosis and uterine fibroids

3. Surgical removal of ovaries

4. Chemotherapy or other type of treatment like radiation for cancer

5. Douching

6. Certain antidepressants and medications taken for cold and allergy

7. Insufficient foreplay during lovemaking.

Regardless of the reason behind this condition, the lesser lubrication issue can lead to pain during lovemaking, burning and itching sensation as well. Now, let us get into the details about safe herbal remedies for vaginal infection:

Herbal remedy:

When talking about safe herbal remedy for vaginal infection and lesser lubrication, Vg-3 tablets can provide the best remedy to women and the reason for its effectiveness is the ingredients present in these capsules and here are the details in this regard:

Juhi: Juhi is an ingredient that has a long history of treating a wide range of health issues. The juice of this herb can promote healing of wounds and it will also help in early gaining of tensile strength, thereby helping in tightening of genital wall muscles.

Suhaga: This ingredient is known for its antiviral, anti-fungal and good antiseptic properties, thereby helping in prevention of vaginal infection in women. This is a natural occurring mineral that is mined from dried salt.

Gulab: This is nothing, but the rose petal and it is known for its effectiveness in improving the flow of blood to genital passage, thereby helping in improving lubrication.

So, Vg-3 tablets are the best remedies for vaginal infection to provide the best relief for women.

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