Essential Facts Related to Tongkat Ali Extract

A lot of countries in Asia have been using tongkat ali extract for many years now. It provides certain medicinal purposes, especially for its anti-bacterial properties and ability to help in treating malaria. But perhaps it’s the supplement’s ability to help out with enhancing the male’s sexual performance is the most sought-after benefit.

A trip to an all-natural health and food store will tell you just how popular it is today. It’s one of the most commonly used ingredients in many preparations that claim to improve the male libido. Additionally, it’s known to help give energy boost. Alone, it’s commonly available in liquid, powder or capsule form. However, it may also be combined with other ingredients to improve its effects.

This supplement is also beneficial for treating erectile dysfunction, which is the inability of a man to achieve or maintain penile erection. It’s been used by men in Malaysia and other Asian countries for this problem. Because of this, this root extract of the tree has been touted as the “Asian Viagra”. What’s more, males suffering from infertility may also take it as studies have shown that it also helps increase sperm count.

What makes all of these possible is because of the supplement’s ability to boost the testosterone levels of the body. A male hormone, testosterone is a role player especially in the stage of puberty for the secondary sex characteristics’ development. For an adult, it regulates libido and sexual performance. While it’s naturally produced by the testicles, some of it is also present in the body of females.

The hormone is also responsible for a lot of things aside from those mentioned above. It also plays a role in the regulation of mood, energy, metabolism and the sperm’s maturation. Additionally, it helps in the increasing strength and muscle mass. It’s for these reasons why many athletes and body builders use this supplement to enhance testosterone levels in their bodies, thus speeding up recovery and boosting performance.

But just because it can be considered as all-natural doesn’t mean it has no side effects. Commonly observed ones, especially with excessive usage, include anxiety, insomnia, restlessness and even fever. Children, pregnant women and those with heart diseases, kidney problems, liver damage and prostate cancer should also refrain from taking this supplement.

Tongkat ali extract is derived from a tree with the same name. It also goes by the name of eurycoma longifolia. While every part of the tree can be used for certain medicinal applications, the roots provide the most potency. Make sure that you read the packaging thoroughly and follow the directions according to the manufacturer.

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