Useful Information About Tongkat Ali Extract

Tongkat ali extract comes from the root part of a tree of the same name. Such is native to some Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Also known as eurycoma longifolia or longjack, it’s been used for so many years already for some medicinal benefits. Some of them include malaria treatment and overall tonic. The extract is also famous for its sexual performance enhancing properties.

Men in Asia have long used it for increasing their sex drive and improving performance in bed. Certain studies also claim it helps with male fertility. One of the things why it’s all the rage these days is due to its ability to treat erectile dysfunction, even being called the Asian Viagra. It’s now a common ingredient in supplements formulated to improve a male’s sex life.

What makes it very potent is its ability to enhance testosterone production. A male hormone, testosterone controls several different body processes. Such includes male secondary sex characteristic development (growth of facial hair and muscles, voice deepening, and others). It also helps regulate the mood, maintain fertility, and keep up energy and libido.

These days, it’s popularly sold in liquid extract form, although it’s not unlikely for them to be sold in powder or capsule. There are manufacturers that add some other ingredients to further enhance the sexual performance boosting effects. Athletes and body builders also take it to help increase their performance level as well as maintain muscle mass.

Although it’s extracted from a natural source, there are some involved contraindications. It’s not advisable to be taken by those with heart problems, prostate cancer, liver disease, kidney disease and sleep apnea. Diabetics should also refrain from taking it, as it can decrease the levels of blood sugar. People with weakened immune system are also advised to refrain from taking this supplement.

Some side effects may arise when taking tongkat ali extract to improve one’s sex drive, performance and treat penile erection problems. They include insomnia, anxiety and restlessness. Carefully read manufacturer’s direction on the packaging of the supplement. More importantly, purchase only from a reputable company.

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